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Phlebotomy Services in Boston

Mobile Blood Collection Services at Your Convenience

Boston Private Nursing is proud to offer mobile blood collections and laboratory deliveries from the convenience of your home or work! Our new phlebotomy service allows you to request a certified lab technician or licensed phlebotomist directly to a location of your choosing for blood drawing. Whether you experience time constraints, mobility issues, the concern of safety and privacy, or simply wanting a more convenient answer to getting blood work provided and processed, we’ll be here to make the entire process easier, accessible, and comfortable!

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Safe & Suitable At-Home/Work Specimen Collection and Delivery

When you or a loved one requests our mobile phlebotomy service, whether it’s from one’s own house or at your job site working around a frantic office schedule, you can trust in our expert team to cater to your situation and availability.

Mobile blood collection and lab delivery services allow us to better fulfill the needs of every patient, particularly those that:

  • suffer from an illness or disability that renders them home-bound
  • lack the means to transport to a clinic/facility
  • have time constraints or busy schedules
  • cannot leave the house for any other restrictions/complications
  • simply prefer blood drawn from the comfort of their homes or other preferred location

How Phlebotomy Services Work

Requesting a mobile phlebotomy service is as simple and easy as getting the procedure catered to you itself. You get to choose the time and place and we’ll take care of the rest!

How requesting a mobile blood collection appointment works:

  • Register your information using our user-friendly online forms or via telehealth consultations.
  • Request the time and place of where you would like your blood to be drawn.
  • On the day of your appointment, your licensed lab technician, or certified phlebotomist will come to your destination and perform your blood draw.
  • Once the blood has been drawn we will send the specimen directly to the laboratory to be processed.
  • Your blood results will be sent confidentially to your doctor or physician who will in turn make the results accessible to you depending on how they provide medical records/information.

Patient-Centered Solution for your Phlebotomy Needs!

Our main goal is to provide convenient and safe blood collection and delivery that is catered to our patients’ needs and personal situations. No matter the reasoning behind choosing mobile blood drawing services, our compassionate staff and expertise partners ensure that your appointment is as comfortable and secure as possible to help you quickly obtain your results.

Book your appointment today and see how the process of phlebotomy services can arrive right at your front door. Call us at (781) 253-7401!

We Genuinely Care

Some of The Ways We Show This Are:
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  • We Are Your Advocate

    Our RNs & caregivers can guide you through the often complicated world of healthcare & speak up for you from a medical standpoint.

  • We Handpick Our Staff

    Utilizing thorough background checks & in-depth interviews, we ensure compatible, competent caregivers are assigned.

  • We Create Customized Plans

    We understand no two clients are the same & that is why they should not be treated the same based on a set of symptoms.